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Always Plan For Unknown Damage And Insulation Issues When Replacing Your Roof

When you work with a dependable Grove roofing company like Husong Roofing you are guaranteed that your new roof installation will satisfy all building codes and manufacturer specs. Sometimes there are issues that cannot be seen until your old roof is taken off. If the wood decking is rotting it is a serious problem that should be repaired immediately.

Our specialists will thoroughly inspect the wood decking for integrity. If needed, we will give you a free estimate for the extra expense to replace the rotten wood decking in addition to the roof replacement project. We will never install a new roof on top of wood decking that is rotted or has any structural weaknesses.

Some issues that could also be found when your old roof is taken off are; poor attic ventilation, unbalance intake, structural damage, rotting chimney, and more. We may suggest extra ventilation or recommend solutions for structural damage if needed. The safety of your home and family below is our top priority!

While we do not always find these problems with every old roof we replace, there is a chance and we suggest that homeowners are always should be prepared for unknown problems that need to be fixed. So, keep these things in your budget so that any undesirable difficulties will not cause you to spend more than you have on your roof replacement project.

When you need a Grove roofing service to replace your old roof, we hope you plan accordingly for this large renovation project and get in touch with us for a free estimate. Knowledge is power and knowing is half of the battle, so by informing homeowners what they should expect when having their roof replaced is our duty as a local roofer. Our GAF certified team is committed to providing the highest-quality roofing services.


If you are seeking Grove roofing services that will ensure a flawless and hassle-free roof installation, supported with a reliable craftsmanship and materials warranty, then you should call us today!

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September 28, 2020
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